Sustainable because we want it.

Sustainable because we want it.


We want to give you a full overview of our ambitions, values and ideas at all times.


For us, sustainability is so much more than certified fabrics. So we make sure that every single step is sustainable and transparent.



For us at roz evighet, sustainability comprises five components:


Social sustainability means the fair treatment of employees. We understand this to mean not only the consideration of human rights and labor regulations, but also the general interpersonal interaction within the company, which should be based on trust, openness and appreciation. 
The aim of social sustainability is to ensure that people also feel comfortable in their working environment and are given the feeling of being a significant part of the company.

2. ecological sustainability

This facet of sustainability is the most common and means living and interacting responsibly WITH the environment without exploiting, polluting or destroying it. This principle should once again become the basis of all human activity. Since the Earth is the basis of all our lives, our primary goal should be to protect it, especially from ourselves, and to preserve it in its perfection.

3. economic sustainability

This facet transfers the above principles to economic activity. It aims to achieve long-term economic growth without neglecting or even negatively influencing the aspects of social and environmental sustainability.

4. transparency

In addition to sustainability, we at roz evighet focus on traceability for you. Through maximum transparency, we want to show you that these standards are a matter of course for us and that we adhere to them. Since you are here, it is obviously important for you to know where your product comes from and under which working conditions it was manufactured. We would like to answer any questions you might have in this context. Where and how we work and produce you can see here

5. Quality

Our goal is to achieve the best possible quality and thus the longest possible life of our products. With this we want to make sure that our products can be worn for the longest possible time and make them with our timeless cuts and designs to your daily driver, which is still an eye-catcher next year.


Our materials

We use only GOTS certified fabrics for the production of our high quality products to give you the assurance that we can guarantee a certain basic standard.    

But mainly our fabrics are made of organic cotton. This has the advantage that

– they are produced and certified according to the guidelines and standards of organic farming,

– the production keeps the soil healthy,

– no artificial fertilizers or pesticides are used,

– the cotton plants are not genetically modified,

– 71% less water and

– 62% less energy is used compared to the average cotton production. 

The yarn we use is 100% made in germany and provides optimal durability, which makes our products have a longer lifetime.

Our manufacturing

We manufacture our products exclusively in our hometown Berlin. This allows us to guarantee that all those involved in production work under fair working conditions and are appropriately remunerated for their work. This should not only correspond to our basic social understanding, but also be our contribution to the long-term goal of achieving the broadest possible prosperity of society.

For the prints of our products, we use only PVC free and GOTS certified inks and non-hazardous chemicals. Of course, we dispose of them properly and also pay attention to the most economical and responsible use of materials. 

For the embroidery of our products we use only biodegradable yarn. Since the embroidery is significantly less stressed than the seams, we can do without synthetic materials here.

Our packing and shipping

Your package will be 100% FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified and made of over 85% recycled fibers. In addition, these are Green Dot certified.

We send your package climate neutral with GLS, which compensates 100% of its CO2 emissions by reforestation. 

In addition to this, we have come up with an innovative concept to make our shipping even more sustainable: 

At roz evighet, you have the option to return your package so that it can be used multiple times. Therefore, instead of paying the shipping costs, you only pay a deposit, which you will get back as soon as your parcel arrives back to us.

In order to guarantee that your package arrives in good condition, we can not send it more than 5 times.

our ambitions.

We want to establish sustainability as the new normal. We want to show that sustainable fashion no longer has to be a compromise.

We want to show companies that sustainability pays off.

We want to enlighten what the topic of sustainability means in general, but especially in relation to fashion.

To support our local economy, we work almost exclusively with companies from Berlin.

We want to support companies that are working to operate more sustainably.

The Production.


Here we produce our clothes, finish them and ship them afterwards. This way we can guarantee fair working conditions and produce your clothes sustainably.


This is where the majority of our fabrics are produced. 


This is where some of our fabrics are produced.